Book History Workshop 2014

Monday 23 June 2014 to Thursday 26 June 2014

For the 11th edition of its Book History Workshop, the Lyon-based Institut d’histoire du livre is offering 4 advanced courses in the fields of book and printing history, taught by Rosamond McKitterick, James Mosley, Dominique Varry and François Vinourd.  

Course fees : 500 euros for one course (4 days), lunch meals included.
Information/registration : smoledina(at)

Institut d’histoire du livre brings together two major rare book and printing collections and two teaching and research establishments closely involved in the history of printing and the book: Lyon City library and Printing museum whose rich collections bear witness to the important role which the city has played in the world of books and printing since the 15th century; the École nationale supérieure des sciences de l’information et des bibliothèques (enssib), which is responsible for the training of library curators in France and the École nationale des chartes which trains future archivists and curators of historical collections. The interdisciplinary environment provided by the Institut d’histoire du livre is intended to encourage research, not only in book history, but also in the various connected fields involved in the study of written and graphic communications such as the history of technology, economic history, art history, sociology, anthropology, linguistics and information science.

The 2014 Book History Workshop is organized in partnership with the Imprimerie Nationale.


Printing type: 1450 to 1830 (course in English) - James Mosley

Some knowledge of printing type is essential in describing printed materials, and it can be of vital importance in assigning a reliable date and a place to documents in which these details are e

Oriental bookbindings (course in French) - François Vinourd

This course explores the rich diversity of Oriental bookbindings (Coptic, Ethiopian, Syria, Islamic, Byzantine, Armenian) through the techniques and the methods used.