About the IHL

The creation of the Institut d'histoire du livre in Lyons in 2001 brought together the City Library and Printing Museum, with three grands écoles.

The Institut d'histoire du livre places the emphasis on a comparative approach to the study of cultural and intellectual exchanges. It's role is to offer an interdisciplinary framework for research, not only in book history, but also in the various connected fields involved in the study of graphic communications ...

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Book history workshop

A summer school in Lyon proposed to researchers, doctoral students, librarians, booksellers ...and whose themes and speakers are regularly renewed.

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Online resources

The IHL provides access to resources or useful sites for people interested in the history of books and written communication.

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This section include texts and recordings from events organized by the Institut d'Histoire du livre : seminars, workshops or Book history workshop.

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Access to databases  "The Spirit of the books" sales catalogs of libraries stored in Lyon and Grenoble, and "Cultural Route of the book," European museums directory  of  Book, printing, and paper

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Information on publications made ​​or supported by the Institut d'Histoire du livre, the collection "Metamorphoses du livre" (ENS Editions) and the magazine Gryphe (Lyon City Library).

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