Book history workshop 2009

Tuesday 01 September 2009 to Friday 04 September 2009

The Book History Workshop, organised by the Institut d'histoire du livre, is the European offshoot of the Rare Book School, universally recognised by specialists in the field of book history. Founded by Terry Belanger at Columbia University, RBS is now run at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.

The Book History Workshop began in 2001 and is held each year in Lyon (France) in early september.

The philosophy of the Book History Workshop is to perpetuate and develop skills and practical knowledge in the field of book history. Courses are based on intensive contact with internationally recognised specialists in specific fields, using printed and audiovisual documents with "hands-on" sessions with original documents of all periods from the rare book collections of Lyon's City Library, Archives and Printing Museum.

An important aspect of the Book History Workshop is its transversality : by bringing together a wide range of profesionnals it encourages exchanges among the many fields which contribute to the development of book history.

If you wish to receive the printed programme each year as soon as it is available, please write to us at:

Institut d'histoire du livre
c/o Musée de l'imprimerie
13 rue de la Poulaillerie
69003 Lyon France


Paper and watermarks as bibliographical evidence - Dr. Neil Harris

The course provides a basic introduction to the techniques of Western hand paper-making and to how paper is exploited as bibliographical evidence in the study of manuscripts and printed books.

Introduction to the study of incunabula (2009)

This course introduces the study of the earliest printed books through a critical discussion of the methods and techniques which are available to incunabulists.

Physical (analytical) bibliography

he largely Anglo-Saxon discipline of analytical bibliography offers an archaeology of the printed book. The course offers a practical introduction to the analysis and description of documents typeset by hand and printed on the common press before 1800.

Printed ephemera under the magnifying glass (2009)

This course will look at printed ephemera in several different ways, though the main objective for participants is to understand and be able to identify the techniques used in the production of such documents.