Book History Workshop 2001

Monday 24 September 2001 to Thursday 27 September 2001

Three advanced courses aimed at a wide variety of specialists interested in book and printing history. Each course is taught by a leading international specialist in the field with emphasis on the study of original documents.


Texts and images in the digital age (2001)

The aim of the course is to examine the impact on the book of new authoring practices related to photography and digital techniques,  of new modes of interactive reading, and of the abandonment of notions of linearity and exhaustivity.

Printed ephemera (2001)

This course addresses printed ephemera from several different directions, but principally with the needs of the curator and collector in mind. It will focus on 19th century British and French ephemera, though the general issues raised relate to all periods and to material in other languages.

Type, Lettering, & Calligraphy, 1450-1830 (2001)

The development of the major formal and informal book hands, the dominant printing types of each period, and their interrelationship.